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For Cindi and Ralph

(the act)


The sheets of film reveal how the body is used to convey a person's sense of self. Each sheet was hand-processed through positive chemistry that turned large format negatives into monochrome slide film. As the viewer interacts with the work, the emulsion rubs off and the viewer leaves their fingerprints (evidence of their touch behind), forever changing the film. Touch can be careful and curious but also harsh and destructive. For example, during one exhibition the original sheets of film were stolen. This work is about the lasting effects of touch in relation to sexual abuse.


This work was selected as a Finalist in Photography for the Celeste Prize (2012) and won 'Best Installation' at the National Open Art Competition (2012).


Materials: sheets of monochrome film

Collection of 4 sheets of film

Each sheet is 8 x 10 inches

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